Top 5 places to visit in Rio de Janeiro

5 best places to visit in Rio de Janeiro

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro for your Olympics and wondering how to proceed and see around town when you're not cheering on your country? Or staying more time after the games? Here I'll give you some concepts.

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For many, Rio is a once a lifetime destination. Precisely what I would recommend in this post might be a cliche for experienced travelers, but if it's the first in time the city and you're unclear if you'll ever return back, fundamental essentials places to go to in Rio de Janeiro:


Copacabana is Rio de Janeiro's most well-known neighborhood where a lot of the hotels are located. Today most cariocas (those who are born in Rio) don't navigate to the beach there, because beach comes with tourists at any time of the day. But they still utilize oceanfront avenue to exercise (and you'll observe how serious they go on it!).

Still, it's absolutely essential go place. I'm sure you'd rather mingle using the locals, but Copacabana captures the essence of Rio. You've probably heard that soft and lightweight Brazilian music style called Bossa Nova� Otherwise you don't recognize the name, but create a fusion of samba and jazz� Well, it was born here.

Take a moment to drink a coconut water at a kiosks. Or return at night when several kiosks offer live music�

At the sea, have a look at your left. Determined by your local area, you will note the Sugarloaf mountain. On your own right the truth is the Forte de Copacabana, a historical fortress created to protect Rio from foreign invaders. You also have an incredible view from there. There's a smaller entrance fee (even when you're just going to the cafe), but it's worth a visit.

Also, if you like stand-up paddling, the region close to the fortress is good! You should have a quick lesson and select an adventure on the ocean within minutes!

At night (as soon as it gets dark) there's 2 �feirinhas� (local handicrafts sales) in the neighborhood: one close to the Othon Palace Hotel and the other at Pra�a do Lido. There you can find souvenirs and Brazilian memorabilia.


This is some of those images generally associated with Rio: the cable car going derived from one of mountain to the other. Company, the vista from available online for is amazing.

As dozens of people easily fit into the same cable car, normally you don't wait too much in line (I do believe the longest I waited was about 30 min). Bear in mind: you simply must catch 4 cable cars: 2 getting larger and 2 going down. So on weekends and holidays the 30 min may turn into Couple of hours. Nevertheless, it's worth every penny.

The initial cable car walks you to Morro da Urca. There are lots of events there all through the year (obviously any good New Years celebration), so take a look at their internet site in advance if you'd favour a more exclusive and different experience. When you go up for events or you make a reservation on the Cota 200 restaurant, frequently you don't need to obtain a ticket until Morro da Urca. But always ask ahead of time.

A good time through the day for the visit? It doesn't really matter. In the daytime the views are gorgeous, early evening you can see an amazing sunset and in the night it's also great to see a different Rio de Janeiro.

Christ the Redeemer

When my husband first went to Rio on his own he didn't go to Christ the Redeemer for thinking it's just a religious location. Certainly a lot of people start to see the statue addressing faith, but that's not the only reason you need to visit it. In my opinion, this is where there is an best views in the city. Plus, the sculpture is really impressive. When I lived in Rio together guests over, this is always the main spot to go ahead my list. And everybody was always amazed.

Now the downside: it could be a hassle to have on the websites for with there being always a lot of people sticking with the same idea. A few months ago they stopped selling tickets on-site because sometimes you'd arrive in the morning and subsequently ticket was for 4 pm! It happened to me� Now, <a href="">make sure you acquire the ticket online</a> or at one of many tourist information desks spread throughout the city.

If you're searching for a remarkable experience, require a helicopter ride from Sugarloaf or Lagoa and escape the crowds. The experience is practically unbelievable. I needed the opportunity get it done while i worked as a newscaster and it's something I'll never forget.


You've probably heard about �the Girl from Ipanema�, right? Yes, <a href="">she really exists</a>. Then when you get to Ipanema you'll be able to know how could a little daughter girl inspire the songwriters who would compose just about the most famous Brazilian songs of all time.

Ipanema is trendy. It's a spot filled with beauty everywhere. Brimming with fashion. It's a lifestyle. This is how most young cariocas like coming to the beach. The purpose is to see and turn into seen.

On the broke up with you find Arpoador. In the event the ocean is proper, it'll be packed with surfers. If not, it can be a giant natural pool. Make sure to locate for sunset. Cariocas generally gather to applaud it. Initially it happened during summer only, if the sunset occurs sailing (something uncommon inside the colonial with the Americas). Nonetheless it became something very popular that I've already experienced it even during wintertime. Just avoid coming to the shore here on summer weekends and holidays, because it gets reeeeeaaallyyy crowded.

On the right you see Leblon, just about the most sophisticated neighborhoods in Rio. From your end of Ipanema until the end of Leblon, it's a 30 minute walk. Both Ipanema and Leblon are excellent neighborhoods to remain and eat.


Ignore the sophistication of Ipanema, the charm of bossa nova or even the unbeatable views of Rio from up above. Lapa means Rio at its essence. In the mixture of individuals to different types and experiences. Here is the old Rio at its best.

In the daytime you can travel to the Selaron steps and in the night head to one of the bars to see live music. They all are located in the old houses, that have been totally refurbished. And it's over music. Cariocas also love dancing, so based on the location you choose and their schedule you will have completely different time (experiencing the �forro� or even a great night of rock, as an example).

Generally I like to walk around and get in where I hear the very best music. However, if you're uncertain, you can't make a mistake with <a href="">Rio Scenarium</a>. Just be prepared to pay a BRL 50 entrance fee (on Saturdays� On weekdays it's just a little cheaper).

And you? Can you agree with my 5 best list? What can you prefer to experience? If you've ever been to Rio, what's your preferred attraction?

rio de janeiro beach